“Russian-Chinese dialogue of performing arts – 2016”

Within the framework of the V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, with our participation, a round table “Russian-Chinese Dialogue of the Performing Arts – 2016” was organized.

Bilateral cooperation between China and Russia in the field of culture has been actively developing over the past two decades. “Russian-Chinese Dialogue of the Performing Arts –2016” in the format of the round table is a continuation of the Festival of Chinese Culture in Russia, which opened that summer in Moscow. The meeting of the delegations is aimed at developing partnership and direct contacts between Russian and Chinese cultural luminaries, concert and theatrical venues.

The leading principals and producers of the largest theatres, concert organizations and festivals of Russia and China became the participants of the round table.

We faced a challenge of organizing the stay of the Chinese delegation at the highest level. We worked through all the stages of the Chinese delegation’s arrival to Moscow, their accommodation in a European-class hotel, catering service taking into account the gastronomic traditions of our guests.

Intercultural dialogue was one of the important tasks of the delegation’s stay, that is why we elaborated a cultural programme in detail, filling it with “live” interactive activities to help our guests to get acquainted with Russian culture, traditions and famous Russian hospitality.

Simultaneously, we developed a programme and provided a round table in the “theatre” section as a part of the Cultural Forum, picked up the venue, organized technical support for the meeting. An important aspect of any event is high-quality printed and souvenir products. By the beginning of the event we had delivered all the printed products to the venue and took care of its distribution during the event.

Negotiating is a tricky task, but not for us! To ensure the signing of an agreement on joining the Silk Road International League of Theatres on the business platform of the Cultural Forum, we held a number of bilateral meetings and discussions.

The negotiations resulted in the agreement on joining the Russian theatres to the “Silk Road.”

Date: December 2, 2016
Location: Russia, Moscow

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