Technical assistance and support for competition of youth projects of youth forum campaign

In order to increase the competitiveness of Russian youth by increasing the number of young people with a set of key competencies, the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs is holding a contest of the youth projects.

To organize a competitive selection of the best projects in the sphere of politics, economy, science and innovation, civil initiatives, art and creativity, we have identified 80 experts, and selected suppliers of technical equipment at 13 sites located in the Russian Federation.

Thirteen venues from the Crimea to Iturup Island (in the Sakhalin region), Kaliningrad, Vladimir, Rostov–on–Don and Krasnoyarsk – it is just a small list of the forum campaign’s geography.

One of the major stages of the event was the development of the logistics, the selection of hotels and organization of transport services in several points of the Russian Federation.

For each forum, we have developed a custom design for printed products and promotional materials, as well as delivered them on time to the sites of all the events.

Date: June – September 2016
Location: Russian Federation
Number of participants: 80
Customer: Federal Agency for Youth Affairs

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